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    Hetalia/Ouran crossover! I actually did this ages ago, and wanted to do the whole opening but this tiny part took me forever and I got frustrated with it multiple times so I decided that probably wasn’t going to happen for a while. BUT here’s the little segment that I did manage to complete anyway, haha.

    In case they were too fast to spot:

    • Hong Kong as Haruhi
    • France as Tamaki
    • Italy and Romano as the Hitachiin twins
    • Austria as Kyoya
    • Finland as Honey
    • Sweden as Mori
  7. Endless List of Favourite Anime Characters

    Tamaki Suoh

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    My favorite non-host member: Umehito Nekozawa

  9. awwww cutie

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    It’s Ice vs. Fire in fan @thegirlfromnorthstar's #OnceIsFrozen artwork!

    Share your chilly vision with your #OnceFanArt now: http://abc.tv/NO93lr